Locksmith Katy Texas

So many subdivisions are cropping up in Katy that what was once a rice farm is becoming urbanized as quickly as possible. In addition to a mall and movie theater, the city has attracted a lot of businesses and developers making this one of the fastest growing areas in Fort Bend County. As residential communities grow so are businesses to meet the needs of the homeowners. King Locksmith of Katy is expanding its services and offering very important services for home security that every business needs. We are also open 24 hours a day.




If you have a Home lockout because of a lost key, for example, we can help you by opening your door locks and probably getting some keys made for you. The issue of being locked out of one's home can be a difficult one for most people. Besides being our best investment, our homes are the center of everything that we do. From getting ready to go to work, to housing our clothes, our electronics, food and so on our homes have everything we need to get anything done.


house lockout


If you bought a used home in Katy, we recommend that you rekey home locks so that you get new keys for your own security and peace of mind. That way, no one with a previous key can open your home. For higher security we can change door locks for you if you want this service. We have a wide selection of locks that you can select from and that will meet your needs.